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Tree Care

All of our trees are cut as late in to the season as possible so you can be assured that your tree is as fresh as it should be. As Christmas trees are a natural product they will all behave very differently. Even though you have your tree in water some trees will shut down more quickly than others and this can lead to premature needle loss.
We have been asked by customers how early are our trees cut because some retailers claim to cut their trees on the day of dispatch. This is actually the worst treatment a cut Christmas tree can have. When a tree is felled it goes in to shock and if it is moved straight away it is a sure way for it to loose its needles. Any professional and caring grower is aware of this.
Our trees are cut and then left in the field for a few days to recover. Then they are collected and delivered to us. This process usually takes up to 5 days but as the conditions are cold and the trees are outside it does not have any detrimental effects to the tree whatsoever. Roses are treated in exactly the same way.
Unless stated our trees are sold as cut trees and will require a tree stand or bucket. Please follow our care tips to help you keep your trees happy through the Christmas season.
Cut Trees
Cut trees need to be fresh when purchased. You can check this by doing a freshness test. Gently grasp a branch between your thumb and finger and pull it toward you. A few needles may come off but this should be minimal. It is natural to have some needle loss especially from the underside if the tree is very bushy. This is due to the sun not being able to penetrate to thick foliage so growth is concentrated on the outside foliage and the inside dies. This does not mean the tree is not fresh. The underside of most trees will appear dull.
How to care for a cut tree
When you get your tree and you’re not decorating it straight away, leave it outside or somewhere cool. As long as it is left outside until required you may not need to place it in water. However, before placing it in the water or the water-retaining stand cut about 1 inch off the stump so the tree can take up water. Scoring the butt end so new wood is visible will also have the desired effect. Place your tree in its spot, away from direct heat and radiators and top up with water. The tree can drink up to 2 litres a day so check the level daily.
After about 2 weeks the tree will begin to shut down and will not drink anymore. Treat the tree as you would a bunch of flowers.