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Tree Sizing

It has to be said that from our experience when a customer asks for a 4ft tree, they mean a 6ft tree! It sounds ridiculous, we know, but people don’t connect trees sizing with their own height.
Our trees, being a natural product, come in all different shapes and sizes, therefore it is impossible to send you exactly 6ft if that is the size you order. Some trees have long tops and as such we will give you more than the size you order so you are not “short-changed”.
Our sizing tolerances are as follows:-
A 5ft tree will be between 5ft and 5.5ft high
A 6ft tree will be between 6ft and 6.5ft high
A 7ft tree will be between 7ft and 7.5ft high
An 8ft tree will be between 8ft and 8.5ft high

**Top Tip – measure the height of your ceiling!**